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EnPro Group, initially as a sole proprietorship ANTON LUKASEVYCH ENERGO PROJECT GROUP, and then as a limited liability company, has existed since 2022.
Currently, our design company successfully continues its activities in Poland, combining many years of experience that we have received as a design company Elkom, which was founded in 1992 in Ukraine. Since its establishment, we have focused on the design and implementation of assembly works, gaining extensive experience and building the reputation of a reliable and professional partner. Our team, consisting of highly qualified engineers and designers, has successfully completed many projects in various sectors, including industry, housing and energy, with new technologies to implement the most ambitious projects.

Our main contractors are:

team consists of 10 people



Projects in the electricity industry

In the power industry, we have experience in designing:

  • designs of LV and MV power connections

  • LV and MV network designs

  • transformer station designs

  • projects to remove conflicts with existing infrastructure

  • temporary connection designs (construction sites)

  • street and urban area lighting designs

  • designs of electrical and telecommunications installations


Projects in the electricity industry

We specialize in designing and preparing the necessary technical documentation for the construction of photovoltaic farms. Our team of experts supports and coordinates all stages of the process. As part of the service, we provide, among others:

  • Legal and technical verification of the land

  • Preparation of a project for the construction of a photovoltaic farm

  • Preparation of a land lease agreement

  • Obtaining environmental decisions.

  • Obtaining development conditions

  • Preparation of maps for design purposes

  • Obtaining a building permit


Energy storage

We design energy storage facilities Power plants using renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic panels, can produce different amounts of electricity, depending on the time of day and season. It would be best to use all the energy produced on an ongoing basis, but this is not always possible. In such a case, unused energy is sent and stored in the operator's network. Unfortunately, we can only collect 70% or 80% of the donated electricity for free. An alternative to such a solution is presented by Energy Storage. They allow you to collect the produced electricity without losses and use it at any time. Discharged batteries will be replenished as soon as there is surplus production. Using storage enables maximum use of energy from renewable sources and leads to less dependence on electricity suppliers. Even when connected to the grid, you can use your own stored and ecological energy.




Our design company certainly undertakes the implementation of complex and ambitious projects. We have extensive experience, a highly qualified team and an innovative approach, which allows us to effectively deal with all challenges. We are not afraid of difficulties - we see them as an opportunity for development and improvement. An example of such implementations is:

Reconstruction of the existing (3.5 km) MV overhead line Ożarów - Tarłów section. Tarłów from pole no. 15 to 38 along with the section. Tarłów 1, Tarłów Health Center, Tarłów 4, Potoczek to pole no. 6

Modernization of the MV network (2.9 km) and LV network (Wąworków station) in msc. Wąworków commune Opatów


Retrofitting the technology of a 50 MW photovoltaic power plant "Tokmak Solar Energy" Sp. z o. o. with its registered office at ul. Gogol, 201a, g. Tokmak, Zaporizhia Oblast.

Construction of the "Kuźniczka 1" photovoltaic farm with a capacity of up to 1.0 MW along with accompanying infrastructure in Kuźniczka, Praszka commune




street Chłodna No. 51, Warsaw, code 00-867, country POLAND

Tax Identification Number: 5213983986

REGON: 523115304

Share capital:
100 000 zł

tel ic +48 696 771 976 Email: info@enpro.group